Westboro Baptist Church in Orlando

People in Orlando have dressed as guardian angels to protect the funeral of one of the Orlando shooting victims from homophobic protesters.

CHR Comment: The Westboro Baptist Church has about 40 members and is notorious for demonstrations at funerals. In this case they are protesting at funerals for the homosexuals killed at the Orlando club shooting. The church members seem unconscious to the offensive nature of their protests, which only seem to undermine the Christian message.

Source: ‘Angels’ protect Orlando funeral from anti-gay Westboro protesters – BBC Newsbeat


Medieval Church Paintings in Northern Sudan

A large group of paintings dating back to the ninth century have been discovered by archaeologists inside the ancient Church of Raphael in Northern Sudan.

CHR Comment: Archaeologists from the University of Warsaw have uncovered a set of paintings in the Church of Raphael. The paintings depict historical persons from the ninth century to the fourteenth century, as well as archangels and angels. The images also depict relations between Makuria and Dongola, kingdoms in the region.

Source: North Sudan: Archaeologists discover ‘unique’ ancient church paintings | Christian News on Christian Today