Pope Francis open to allowing married priests in Catholic Church


The pontiff suggests easing the rules could address a shortage of priests in some areas.

CHR Comment: The article gives an example of a Brazilian diocese where there are 700,000 Catholics served by only 27 priests.

Source: Pope Francis open to allowing married priests in Catholic Church


Could Evangelical Christians Soon Be Running Brazil?

Evangelical Christians are expected to influence big advances in local elections in Brazil this weekend.

CHR Comment: The growth of Evangelical churches in Brazil and changes to campaign finance laws have combined to give Evangelical voters and the candidates they support increased influence. For example, a pastor is running for mayor of Rio de Janeiro. This could be interesting as Brazil struggles to deal with corruption problems in its politics.

Source: Could Evangelical Christians Soon Be Running Brazil? | Christian News on Christian Today

17th-Century Jesuit Missions Have Scientific Value

How long-dead missionaries are unwittingly helping further scientific understanding of the South Atlantic Anomaly.

CHR Comment: The article references the rise, decline, and ruin of seventeenth century Jesuit missions in southern Brazil where Guarani people clashed with Spanish and Portuguese soldiers. Bricks used in the mission buildings recorded information about the magnetic poles of the earth.

Source: 17th-century Ruins Could Unravel Mysteries of Earth’s Magnetic Field – The Crux

The Olympics and the Cross


Our family is watching the Olympics and noticing how often athletes display the cross, either on a necklace or by making the sign of the cross as a gesture of prayer. For example, a Brazilian gymnast just finished his routine and then crossed himself in prayer. As you enjoy the Olympic competition, look for examples of the cross, which unites God’s people across the nations.