Wheaton College Professor States that Christians and Muslims Have the Same God

(RNS) The “Harvard of evangelicalism” penalizes a professor for saying Muslims and Christians worship the “same God.”

CHR Comment: Professor Larycia Hawkins raised concerns as she sought to show solidarity with Muslims by wearing a hijab and stating that Christians and Muslims have the same God. Hawkins, an Episcopalian who teaches political science at Wheaton College, made statements that are viewed as incompatible with the Evangelical school’s statement of faith.

Source: Wheaton College must decide hijab-wearing prof’s future – and its own – Religion News Service

New Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. Interview

The Episcopal Church USA’s first African-American leader hopes to call his divided church to “a deeper unity.”

CHR Comment: Curry explains his personal background and his goals for the liberal denomination which has recently lost 20% of its membership over the issue of ordaining homosexuals as priests and bishops. He is a supporter of activist religious politics and a Buffalo Bills fan.

Source: New Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry | October 30, 2015 | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly | PBS

Conservative Episcopalians Keep Church Properties

Religion News Service reports an important court ruling in favor of conservative Episcopalians in Texas led by Bishop Jack Iker. The congregations had seceded from the Episcopal Church USA but had to go to court in order to retain their church properties. Issues mentioned in the article include the congregations’ disappointment with the ordination of openly homosexual leaders, concerns about the authority of Scripture, and Bishop Iker referring women seeking ordination to other dioceses.