Christianity in Georgia

This ancient Christian country coveted by major powers is showing the world how a nation can survive by never relenting in its defence of its faith.

CHR Comment: The article describes the on-going influence and value of the Christian heritage of Georgia, which dates back to the fourth century. The article notes the suffering imposed by Muslims in the medieval era and by Soviets in the modern era.

Source: Christianity is this ancient country’s key to survival: Where people defend their faith ‘to the last drop of blood’ | Christian News on Christian Today


Noah and the Origin of Wine Making

Science and sipping: learning firsthand about qvevri, a millennia-old style of making wine in the Republic of Georgia.

CHR Comment: The article describes research into the long history of wine making, tracing practices to the region of Georgia in western Asia. This caught my attention due to the earliest biblical account of wine making (Genesis 9), which appears to be associated with the same region. The last geographic region associated with Noah is the “mountains of Ararat” (Genesis 8:4), after which Noah is described as cultivating grapes, making wine, and getting drunk. The mountains of Ararat are just south of the Republic of Georgia and central to the evidence about earliest wine making. Fascinating that the biblical testimony and the archaeological evidence suggest such closely related origins for viticulture.

Source: Was Georgia the Cradle of Wine? Who Cares, Let’s Drink! – Dead Things : Dead Things