Moral Assassinations of Priests

Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church on Monday harshly criticized what it called a campaign to smear three priests murdered in less than a week by suggesting the victims had been involved in questionable behavior.

CHR Comment: Drug cartels and a government prosecutor have condemned ministers serving in Mexico where 28 priests have been killed since 2006.

Source: Catholic Church alleges smear campaign against slain priests – The Washington Post


Priests Kidnapped and Killed in Mexico

Roman Catholic Church officials pleaded on Thursday for the life of a priest who was kidnapped from his parish residence one day after two other priests were abducted and killed in another part of Mexico.

CHR Comment: Twenty-eight priests have been killed in Mexico since 2006. Father Jose Alfredo Lopez Guillen remains missing.

Source: Priest kidnapped in Mexico adds to worries after 2 killed – The Washington Post

Personal Sacrifice at the Feast of Guadalupe

Millions of pilgrims walk for days to celebrate the Feast of Guadalupe.

CHR Comment: Devotees process to the festival caring objects of devotion and specific prayer requests with hope for healing and other blessings. On December 12, 1531, a Mexican man reported the visitation of the Virgin Mary to him, which became the basis for the annual festival. The article includes fine photography by a national Geographic correspondent.

Source: Photos Reveal Mexico’s Colorful Virgin Mary Festival

Santa Muerte Worshippers Prepare Festivities To Celebrate Mexican Folk Saint

Described as the fastest-growing religious movement in the Americas, the cult of Santa Muerte is about seeking safe passage to the afterlife.

CHR Comment: Blessed Reformation Day! This is a great example of syncretism in Mexican culture, where the Mayan religion involved human sacrifice and mixed with ideas from Catholicism. Thankfully, the Roman Catholic Church regards this as blasphemous. Unfortunately, the actions of conquistadors from that area were likewise dishonoring to the Lord.

Source: Day Of The Dead 2015: Santa Muerte Worshippers Prepare Festivities To Celebrate Mexican Folk Saint