Roman ‘Curse Tablets’ Made of Gold Discovered in Viminacium, Serbia

The precious tablets feature an incomprehensible language and symbols that were perhaps designed only to be read by gods and demons.

CHR Comment: Use of curses is very ancient, found in many Near Eastern Religions where curses were written on pottery and then smashed. The golden Roman era tablets include Christian titles for God alongside titles for pagan deities, illustrating syncretism of religious devotion. Such practices are well documented and perhaps not as surprising as the article asserts. For example, many Christians today will go to church and use official literature and practices while also consulting their horoscope or making use of other popular religious practices.

Source: Roman ‘Curse Tablets’ Made of Gold Discovered in Viminacium, Serbia – NBC News

St. Nicholas for┬áNice Children; Krampus for Naughty

The integration of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in rural Austria is facing a terrifying challenge this holiday season.

CHR Comment: Sometime in the medieval era the Christian feast for St. Nicholas, a historical fourth century bishop, was mixed with pagan folklore about a humanlike beast that punished naughty children. This is the Austrian version of the “naughty or nice” element in modern Christmas celebrations. This a good example of syncretism in European Christianity.

Source: Austrian Villagers to Refugees: Please Don’t Fear Krampus – NBC News

Santa Muerte Worshippers Prepare Festivities To Celebrate Mexican Folk Saint

Described as the fastest-growing religious movement in the Americas, the cult of Santa Muerte is about seeking safe passage to the afterlife.

CHR Comment: Blessed Reformation Day! This is a great example of syncretism in Mexican culture, where the Mayan religion involved human sacrifice and mixed with ideas from Catholicism. Thankfully, the Roman Catholic Church regards this as blasphemous. Unfortunately, the actions of conquistadors from that area were likewise dishonoring to the Lord.

Source: Day Of The Dead 2015: Santa Muerte Worshippers Prepare Festivities To Celebrate Mexican Folk Saint